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Audience: Adults Class Type: Intensive Class, Normal Class No. Of Student " 需要多人参加, 30-40人都可以 Class Duration: - 4 to 6 months (One and half hour or 2 hours per class, 1 class per week) OR - 1 year (1 hour per class, 1 class per week) - 60mins class time *1 year duration is better for student be ready for exam Class Details: - 做完整个musical的过程,从制作flyer到表演结束的整个过程 - 1 Examiner as audience (等考官离场,同个场地可以做其他表演) Exam Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour Exam Period: - Online: Anytime (must register 2 months before exam) Grading: TBC Fees: TBC Fees (Lecture fees): TBC Facilities: - Spaced area - props depend on activities theme


  • 210马来西亚林吉特
  • Location 1
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