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Young Performance Certification少儿表演文凭


对象: Age 4 to 6+ Class Type: Intensive Class Class Duration: - 16 class - 60mins class time Class Details: - 根据所给的剧本演一出戏,录像,交上 - 综合唱,演, rhyme, musical instrument - 考试形式:Local (考官过来)或是online方式 - 同一个Grade level在一起考试 - 参与的人一定要考试,没有考试的人不能入镜。 - 接近考试,会有密集的彩排练习 - 如果一个小朋友突然不参与考试,Local 方式的考试可以接受缺席,Online 方式的考试不行 Exam Period: - Online: Anytime (must register 2 months before exam) - Local : on July / Aug or Nov / Dec (must register 2 months before exam, have to double confirm still available or not) Grading: - Bronze (4 years old) - Silver (5 years old) - Gold (6+ years old) Fees: - Registration Fee (Group): Bronze (RM400) - RM 208/pax (including material fees) Silver (RM500)- RM 228/pax (including material fees) Gold (RM600)- RM 238/pax (including material fees) 
-Group surcharge : RM 70 per person *考试费用需要对照当时的汇率 Fees (lecture fees): RM180 per class Facilities: Spaced area/ props depend on activities theme


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